The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Memoirs of Krystiana Darona - (Kythorn 8, 1489 DR)

- So what's with all these wolves?

So after battling the goblin ambush, the guys looted the goblin bodies.
Eww…  I can't stand the thought of even touching these things, never mind after they are all cut up into bloody pulps.

We spotted a path headed to the North West.  I assumed this was how these goblins just appeared out of nowhere.  Despite curiosity, we proceeded to Phandalin to complete our task at hand.

Arriving in Phandalin, we met with Elmer Barthen – the owner of Barthen's Provisions.  He is a lean and balding human male shopkeeper of 50ish years with a kindly manner.  He employs a couple of young clerks (Ander and Thistle) who help empty the supply cart.

He paid each of us the remaining 15 GP.

In conversation with Mr. Barthen we learned of trouble in the town being caused by a brigand group known as the Redbrands.  Why do I get the feeling we are going to have future problems with this group?

Once business was completed with the shop owner, we left immediately to return to the site of the goblin ambush.  They wanted to investigate that trail we found.  So we traveled immediately, right though the night.  Upon reaching the crossroad, we decided to set up camp.  During the watch, we started hearing noises.  Like something, or multiple somethings, were walking around the nearby woods.  Then the growling…  We were being surrounded by wolves!!  Having no other choice, we fought and killed these wolves.  I didn't feel really good about it, but what other choice did we have?

So once we had enough morning light, we proceeded west to the site of original horse attack where the path awaited us.  We followed the path to a cave, maybe a mile or 2 off the main road.

Rekt proceeded forward to take a closer look at the cave entrance and was ambushed by 2 goblins who were apparently guarding the entrance.

Yet another battle ensued.  Before I knew it, someone in our group cast some sort of magical spell causing the grass, trees, and vines to come alive and grab hold of our attackers. I had no idea they could do this.  I can't do anything that cool!  Maybe I underestimated this group I find myself traveling with.  After dispatching of the goblins, Varrus and Barc entered cave and discovered pathway to the right side.  Inside were 2 wolves chained to the ground.  They started making a lot of noise with their loud barking.  Then 1 more entered the room.  This wolf was even larger, and more importantly, not chained.  We had to dispatch of them quickly before whatever lives in here was alerted to our presence.

Trying to understand where this other wolf came from, one of my eagle eyed companions discovered a hidden opening in the back of the room.  It was obscured from site with rubble and filthy hanging cloth.  I would have never seen that.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm not cut out to be an adventurer after all…

Barc decided to crawl into the opening.  Soon after we hear what sounds like commotion from within the room.  Then the sounds of Barc fighting.  We tried,to get in there quickly, but the opening was small and it was difficult getting through.

But once I did get in, I saw 2 more of these goblin creatures, a bugbear named Klarg (who seemed obsessed with telling us how puny we were), yet another wolf, and a room full of supply crates.  What's with all these wolves anyway?  I feel terrible killing puppies.

So now we find ourselves in yet another battle.  It was surreal.  It was like I was on autopilot (what's autopilot anyway?).  Fighting these deadly foes became almost instinct.  My only real memory of the fight was watching the wolf take Barc's staff from him then somehow attack him with it.  I didn't know an animal could do that.  Wow!  Luckily Barc was able to find another weapon amongst the crates in the room as his became broken in the melee.  

In watching this, I unknowingly must have let down my guard.  I saw my life quickly flash before me as the blade of this nasty bugbear came within inches of piercing my chest.  But just as the blade was upon me, Bareic blocked the blow and struck the foe with a hard hit attack.  He really fought like a master.  I really feel outclassed.

Oh no, that bugbear is now trying to flee!!  But as he attempted to make his escape, that unsociable rogue who travels with us suddenly was there to deal the final blow to him.  I didn't even know he was still with us.  Such a creepy individual he is.  I don't even think we know his name!  

Thank heavens that this is over with.  We rest for a few minutes to collect our thoughts.  We look around the room to see if there's anything useful in here.  


Uh guys, what was that?



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