The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Renewed light across Faerûn

- A New Hope

The date is 1489 DR (Dale Reconning).

It is a time of rebirth and restored optimism throughout the lands of Toril.  Many dark years across the land, where most had given up hope for tranquility, have finally started to give way to light with the unexplained conclusion of the War with the Orcs.  The years of darkened skies have been restored with sunshine.  Vegetation and crops now grow where none had for years.  Prayers that had been left unanswered by the Gods are now being heard once again.

Sages and scholars far and wide have been conflicted as to the cause of this sundering and even more-so as to it's cure. There's even one very old, but highly respected, wizard who has been so bold as to claim that this is the result of war amongst the mighty Gods themselves.  

Here our tale begins.  Four adventurers meet up in Neverwinter - a city that is part of a much larger collective area commonly known as "The Sword Coast".


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