Varrus Valerion

Human, 6'2 - 210 lbs, Jet black hair with brown eyes.


Founding member of the party.
Member of “The Inquisition” – a group who’s goal is to rid the world of demons and other unnatural creatures.


When Varrus was only a boy of 8, his entire hamlet was slaughtered at dusk by a horde of demons. They killed and ate his father and sister as they made him watch in terror as they laughed. Letting Varrus live when they were finished eating his friends, neighbors, and family at dawn. All night he watched them, fulfill their blood lust and hunger. Quivering with rage and sadness Varrus was about to take his own life. Until he heard a horn blow. Looked over he saw the Black Banners of the riders approaching. That is when Varrus first saw his new family. The Inquisition, they took him in and trained me for 8 years as one of their own. They all have stories similar to that of his own. Their families and loved ones murdered by monsters or demons.

The Inquisition vows to hunt down and eradicate all monsters from the world. We train to be elite warrior, mages, and assassins – the ultimate weapons. They specialize in hunting and killing all forms of monster and demons.

Valerion is the surname the Inquisition gave Varrus. His vow – bring my revenge upon the monsters of this world, and to serve…both my families.

Varrus Valerion

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